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City Hall – Ottawa (March 23, 2011)   


Mayor Watson was elected Mayor of Ottawa on October 25, 2010. He had previously held the position in 1997 when not only did he receive 82% of the popular vote, but he was also the youngest Mayor in Ottawa’s history.

Since he was first elected as a City Councillor in 1991, he has devoted his career to public service within the Capital region in a variety of important roles, including Member of the Provincial Parliament, where he served as Minister of Consumer and Business Services; and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

His Excellency Khaled Bahah greatly enjoyed meeting with this dynamic individual whose understanding of the local community was extremely impressive. They were able to discuss a number of issues, including the subject of the growing number of Yemeni students studying at the local Universities and also at Algonquin College; as well as issues pertaining to the increasing number of Yemeni-Canadians who now call Ottawa their home.

Ottawa has become a vibrant and lively multi-cultural city, with an ever increasing and evolving ethnic diversity within its population. It is the unique international texture, fairy tale beauty and easy life-style which contribute to making Ottawa one of Canada’s most desirable cities.

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