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The Residence (January 28th, 2011)   


Frigid arctic temperatures did not deter a group of close to fifty students from flocking together on the evening of Friday, January 28th, in order to enjoy the warm atmosphere of what is becoming a frequent event at the Ambassador’s Residence – a student get-together.

The popularity of these gatherings demonstrates the very positive and close relationship that has developed between these vibrant young people and their Embassy. It has also permitted the Embassy to become more familiar and understanding of the varied circumstances of each individual who is part of our beloved student community. These meetings have evolved into relaxed and inspiring occasions with very much of a family-style atmosphere, making all attendees feel right at home. They have also provided a wonderful forum for exchange of different ideas and opinions, in a supportive environment, providing feedback and advice that is both helpful and encouraging.

While the purpose of their stay in Ottawa is the pursuit of education, their conversations reveal that they will return to Yemen bringing with them far more than just the information provided in their school books. The multi-cultural nature of Canada has exposed them to a varied universe which encompasses a broad range of societal and cultural differences. The development of tolerance and understanding certainly enhances one’s own set of human skills and contributes to the essential personal tools required to achieve success in the 21st Century, but such qualities will also serve as an extraordinary inspiration to others.

The evening proved to be astonishing, extending beyond intellectual discussion; it also led to the surprising revelation that many among the group were exceedingly accomplished in a variety of artistic endeavours. Guests were treated to the singing, musical and poetic talents of several fellow students, and were promised performances on a grander scale at the next get-together.

The resounding success of the evening impressed upon all present an appreciation of the magnitude of the power of their experiences so far. It further illustrated their own potential to act as agents of change for the future of their homeland and the certainty that they would profoundly influence the destiny of generations to come.  

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