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Ottawa, Ontario (August 9th 2011)   

Canadian Immigration Guidelines

Many of you may have recently read news items relating to the revocation of some 1800 fraudulently-obtained Canadian citizenships by the federal government. Grounds for revocation understandably include false representation, fraud or knowingly concealing material circumstances in connection with entry in Canada.

In many cases the immigrants may be victims themselves and have unknowingly committed immigration fraud by unprincipled consultants to assist them in the citizenship process.

For this reason, it is important that all Yemenis seeking to become Canadian citizens, and advisable for those who already are, to carefully check the CIC website and educate themselves thoroughly about the process itself. It is also critical that, in the event that they wish to hire professionals to assist them, to ensure that these individuals are well-known and qualified in the field by the CIC.

It should be noted that since the early 1977's there have only been 67 revocations of Canadian citizenships most related to residence fraud, criminality, false identity, or involvement in war crimes. The current number of 1800 represents a significant increase of fraudulent activity and/or stricter surveillance of these regulations.

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