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Ottawa, Ontario


Council of Arab Ambassadors

The First Arab Ambassadors’ Council Awards Presentation
March 25, 2013 @ 6 pm
Chateau Laurier Hotel
The Council of Arab Ambassadors is pleased to honour Canadians of Arab descent for their outstanding achievements in the following seven categories of excellence:

Scientific Research
Artistic Pursuits
Civic/Charitable Contributions
Business Acumen
 Political Accomplishment
Outstanding Youth in Any Category (25 yrs and under)

This awards ceremony, the initial of a proposed annual event, will take place on Arab Day on March 25th, 2013, closely following the 68th Anniversary of the Arab League, which was formed on 22 March, 1945.  It will be a day to celebrate those individuals whose brush strokes of life have contributed to the remarkable portrait of the Canadian of Arab descent.

We request your kind participation in this event by providing your CVs for your candidature in any of these categories. Nominations should be provided to:  assistant@yemenembassy.ca  as soon as possible.  Deadline:  Feb 14, 2013.

Details will go before a screening committee of Arab Ambassadors; following which a short list of 3 – 5 will be sent to a second committee comprised of senior Canadian dignitaries to make the selection of award winners.

Given the limited time involved, we reserve the right, if necessary to postpone the awards event to allow adequate time. The selection process will continue to be revised in the future.


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