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Ottawa, Ontario (May 22, 2012)  

National Day Greeting


The occasion  of our twenty-second National Day,  on May 22,   will extend beyond a celebration of a long-standing national unity;  for most, it will be a time of reflection on the major changes that have transpired since our last National Day  - developments that have brought the real possibility of  hope and prosperity for the future of each individual.

The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen wishes to join with all of you in paying homage to a nation that has achieved the unimaginable; a nation that has resisted the overwhelming; and a nation whose people have dared to reach for the unattainable, and in so doing are beginning their journey down the road to a  better life.   

This National Day will be celebrated in the true spirit of unity, sharing hopes and dreams for a new and brighter future for Yemen and its people.


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