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Ottawa, Canada (October 30, 2014)   


Following a most illustrious career as a university professor of psychology, philosophy and human rights , Noel Kinsella was appointed to the Senate in 1990 and as Speaker in 2006 where he has continued to distinguish himself as one of Canada’s most respected and beloved statesmen. The end of November, 2014 will mark his retirement from this venerable career and undoubtedly, the beginning of another.

In view of his upcoming departure from Ottawa, Dr Ahmed Al-Emad visited with the Senator in order to have an opportunity to bid farewell and to express, on behalf of the Republic of Yemen, the great importance that Yemen places on the relationship between our two great countries, as well as the enormous debt of gratitude for the Senator’s personal kindness and loyal friendship over the years. The two men also discussed the importance of maintaining and continuing to develop these national bonds in the future.

The Senator is known as a fair-minded intellectual who is a great advocate of human rights and an all-inclusive view of humanity. Given the realization that we are living in difficult times, he put forward an invitation that Yemen should become a part of his new initiative - an institution to bridge religious differences and cross-culture barriers with the hope of providing an alternative to a more military approach to resolving the scourge of international terrorism.

Dr Al-Emad presented an award of appreciation to the Senator on behalf of the Republic of Yemen and also extended an invitation to visit Yemen again. He said that he would have more time on his hands shortly and he hoped to be Yemen bound next year.

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