Yemeni women's participation in society

Women hold leadership positions in the state's administrative apparatus, besides their work in the judiciary and the diplomatic corps, It is also an active partner in the political decision-making across the government, and is also involved in the activities of civil society institutions, through parties and other political organizations, which means that women in Yemen participate in all aspects of public life.

International observers consider Yemen as one of the distinguished states at the level of the Arabian Peninsula and the Arab World, which granted women the right to vote and participate in the process of registration and voter registration tables, since the rate of women's participation reached (42%) of the total registered voters in the tables. Women have participated since the achievement of unity in the three sessions of election as candidates and voters. They represented People in the Parliament, the local councils, the Shura Council, the ministers, the judiciary, the diplomatic corps and other senior leadership positions.

Yemen has ratified most international conventions that prohibit discrimination against women, Not only has the Yemen preserved women's right in the legislations and laws, but translated into reality through the creation of councils, commissions and departments specialized in Women as a measures to promote women's participation in all political, economic, social and cultural aspects.

History is the best witness to the distinguished participation of Yemeni women in public life .The informed persons of the history of Yemen finds that the Yemeni women assumed rightful important positions at the top of the political hierarchy for instance : " Queen Bilquees and Mrs. Bint Ahmad Suleihi" in two periods of time before and after Islam which testifies and emphasizes the awareness of the culture rooted in the depths of history which often does not distinguish between women and men. Proceeding from this, pursuant to the principle of equality between men and women Yemeni Constitution guaranteed women's rights in the areas of: politics, labor and education, which enabled women to participate in and contribute to the socio-political life effectively.