Information and the Press

the Republic of Yemen is pursuing an open and transparent media and press policy since the Constitution stipulates the right of freedom of the press and expression and access to information. Yemeni Press has become the first synonym for the democracy approach and political pluralism, which was born with unity and the Republic of Yemen and the passage of the Law on the Press and print which affirms the freedom of the press and dedication in the service of society and the expression of public opinion by various means in the context of the Islamic faith and the constitutional underpinnings of society, the State and objectives of the revolution of Yemen, in addition to protecting the rights of journalists and provide legal guarantees for exercising their profession and their right to express their opinions without prejudice to the higher interests of the nation are, which led to the adoption of several official newspapers and civil and partisan on a daily, weekly, monthly and the most important of these newspapers are : (Althawrah, 14 October, 26 September, Aljoumhouriah) As for Yemeni information , it witnessed remarkable developments in expanding the coverage of radio and television broadcasting and the modernization of radio and television studios and providing them with modern and sophisticated equipment. As the number of broadcasting hours in Yemeni space channel reached (8760) hours during the year, In addition to the increase of many local and International radio stations, most notably:: (Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Mukalla, Hudayyida) Radios.