Foreign relations

Yemeni foreign policy is based on the principles and main parameters as follows:

  • Commitment to the principles and goals of the Yemeni eternal revolution and considering the sovereignty and independence of Yemen as the main principles and the basic parameters in determining the direction of foreign policy of Yemen.
  • The Yemeni Constitution affirms that "Yemen is an independent and sovereign Arab Islamic State and is an indivisible unity it is not allowed to waive any part thereof, The Yemeni people are part of the Arab and Islamic nation. It also underlines the concern of the State to follow the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of the Arab League and the generally recognized rules of international law.

Yemeni Political Dimension:
Yemen's foreign policy is based on three major dimensions

Arab dimension:
Yemen is among those countries supporting and establishing the Arab League. From Yemen's belief that the issues of the Arab nation are the issues of Yemen and Yemen contrast, the issues are the issues of the Arab nation and vice versa, Yemen's issues are the issues of the Arab Nation. Therefore Yemen was and is still always in the forefront of Arab countries calling for the need of Arab unity and resolving the Arab-Arab differences within the Arab house more specifically at the Arab League ,Yemen has already submitted constructive ideas for the development of course work of the Arab League, including the adoption of a mechanism for regular convening of the Arab summit, which was adopted since the Arab summit in Lebanon in 2003. At the same front Yemen set an example for settling its border disputes with its neighbors, through dialogue , diplomatic approach and the principle ( no harm and no fault basis), It could end the border disputes with all its neighbors peacefully. In the case of Palestine and the Zionist occupation of Arab territories , Yemen's stance is characterized by its transparency and clarity, since it supports the restoration of the Palestinian and Arab right and executing the resolutions of international legitimacy for the just settlement of the dispute between the parties.

Islamic dimension:
the Yemeni people are Muslim people and are part of the Nation of Islam. Islam the source of all legislations, Yemen is one of the Member States supporting the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and Islamic issues are the issues of Yemen, Therefore Yemen always seeks to support Islamic causes in regional and international forums. and calls for the need to establish strong relations with all Islamic countries.

The international dimension:
the Yemeni foreign policy in its international dimension is based on article VI of the Constitution, and the sixth objective of the Yemeni revolution, which confirms the Yemeni foreign policy as follows:

  • The need to adhere to the principles and objectives of the United Nations.
  • Work to restore international peace and security.
  • Respect for good neighborly relations.
  • Cooperation and mutual respect between nations in their relations.
  • Settlement of disputes, non-use of force.
  • Respect for human rights and the right of peoples to self-determination.