Demographics of Yemen

According to the final results of the general census for the year 2004, the number of population of the Republic of Yemen reached (19.685.161). The population is growing at a rate of (3.0%) per annum, the male population constitute (10.656.919) with the percentage of 50.99% of the total population. The female population constitute (10.244.162) with the percentage of 49.01% of the total population

  • The total fertility rate is 6.2% birth/ woman
  • Mortality rate among infants less than a year (77.20) infant per 1000 births
  • Infant mortality rates 37.3 deaths/1,000 live births
  • The average Life expectancy at birth: 61.08 years
  • Average Number of Persons Per family : 7.14 and Average no. of persons per dwelling: 6.9 persons