Greeting to Students

On February 14th, the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen hosted a gathering, during which I had the great opportunity to make the acquaintance of an exceptional group of young people, a collection of individuals of whom I am immensely proud and who represent the future of our country our prized Yemeni students.

The fundamental importance of knowledge and education was established in the Year 610 by the first word of the Angel Gabriels revelation to Muhammad Peace be upon Him, when he spoke the definitive word, Iqraa, meaning to read. Gabriels message from Alah was more than a recommendation of the benefits of scholarly pursuits, it was in essence the founding principle of Islam. Each one of you, in the quest for learning can consider yourselves in very good company!

It is one of my most passionate goals, during my term here, to strengthen the bonds of communication between you and the Embassy, providing not only vital links directly to your homeland, but also assistance and encouragement during your educational experience in Canada. It is my privilege and sincere ambition to make you feel at home and support you as you transform your dreams into reality, reaching your full potential as scholars and leaders of the Republic of Yemen, and champions of the future.

student highlights

Akram Al-Otumi, Recipient of the Sagewood Group Award for Entrepreneurship a prestigious academic award
Ottawa, Canada (June, 2011)
Mr. Akram Saleh Al-Otumi is a Yemeni student who recently won the Sagewood Group Award for Entrepreneurship, a prestigious academic award from Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia.....
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Look Beneath the Surface

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Ottawa, Canada (Apr, 2010)
Alsalam Alikom to everyone, I was delighted to be asked by our Embassy to write a short biography about myself. Frankly I was motivated and happy because it gave me an opportunity to share my experience with my Yemeni peers so that they get to know me better.....
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Following the Footsteps of an Outstanding Student
Ottawa, Canada (Mar, 2010)
Young Mohammed Al-Udayni grew up and attended high school in the little town of Midekhera, located about an hour from the City, in the Province of Ibb.....
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Ottawa, Canada (Dec, 2009)
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  Circulated to all students
Ottawa, Canada (Nov, 2009)
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Yemeni Student Recieves Noble Award
Ottawa, Canada (Aug, 2009)
The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Ottawa would like to congratulate the student Mohammed Ali Al-Hamadani....
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Packing For Canada
Yemen Students in Calgary, By Jennifer Sowa
Schulich Engineer Fall 08

Coming to Canada Can be a tremendous culture shock. Food seems bland, the leap from Arabic to English is huge, and many newcomers are astonished to see men and women socializing on a regular basis...
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International Festival at Algonquin College
(April, 2009)
Ambassador Bahah, his wife and staff from the Embassy of Yemen attended an International cultural event at Algonquin College on April 7, 2009 prepared by the college students and college educational board of directors....
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Ottawa student gathering
Ottawa, Canada (Feb. 14th, 2009)
The Embassy of Yemen organized a lecture between the diplomatic corps at the embassy and all the Yemeni students....
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