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December 13th & 14th, 2010   

Second International Coffee Conference
Sana’a, Yemen

Plans are currently underway for the Second International Conference of Natural Arab Coffee (sun-dried), which will be held between 13th and 14th December, in Yemen’s magnificent and historic Capital City of Sana’a.

This Conference will be presented by Dr.Abdulkarim Al-Arhabi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and will be organized by the Social Fund for Development. It will be attended by many specialists and participants from the private sector, interested in the production and cultivation of coffee.

Yemeni coffee originated in the Yemeni port City of Mocha, overlooking the Red Sea. Traditional Mocha coffee forms the root of many different types of today’s coffee. Producers around the world have, over the centuries, mastered and adapted Yemeni production methods, developing their own techniques and individual methods of roasting, boiling, mixing and preparing coffee. This Conference will provide a fascinating exhibition of the history and development of the many different varieties of coffee from Yemen and around the world.

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