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October 14th, 2009   

“Beneath the Veil of the Queen of Sheba” – Art Exhibition & Book Launch at Ottawa University

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An exceptional combination of artistic magic and literary genius produced a night to remember for the many people who flocked to our event at Tabaret Hall on Wednesday, October 14th. This splendid occasion, entitled, “Beneath the Veil of the Queen of Sheba”, was hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen, in collaboration with the Chair of Arabic Studies of Ottawa University and provided a visual and intellectual feast for all who attended.

The unique vision of celebrated Yemeni artist Mazher Nizar as depicted in his internationally acclaimed paintings of the Queen of Sheba, immerses his audience in myth, magic, romance, history and faith. At the same time, Donna Kennedy-Glans, the former oil company executive and founder of “Bridges” volunteer organization, has authored “Unveiling the Breath”, a masterpiece providing a refreshing and encouraging perspective on cultural diversity and human potential.

The Ottawa crowd was particularly struck by the evening’s thematic scheme whereby the exceptional art and literary work united to bridge cross-cultural issues that are contemporary and significant, while inspiring new dimensions to vision, conversation and dialogue.

An audience favourite was the extraordinary painting destined to be presented to the Governor General, depicting Canada as a beautiful woman presenting sheaves of wheat to the Queen of Sheba. This gesture of historical generosity from the 1960s signifies the initiation of the great and important friendship that exists to this day between Canada and Yemen.

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