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May 9th, 2009   

The WATERCAN festival

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The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen, among many other embassies in Ottawa, participated in the WATERCAN activity on May 9th 2009. The WATERCAN festival takes place yearly in May and is an activity that is held by a non-profit organization that is aimed at providing services to rural areas that have no water such as countries in the south of Africa. This organization helps to dig water wells and provides purified water for drinking. All embassies who participate provide stands with a variety of unique and cultural displays of their countries and authentic food.

The Yemeni stand displayed beautiful cultured jewelry and different unique silverware, in addition to books, catalogues and posters on Yemen. A display of Yemeni food was provided for all invitees to taste, and this attracted a large number of guests who were delighted to have a taste of the authentic food. The turnout to the Yemeni stand was a great success.

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