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April 2009   

International Festival at Algonquin College

Ambassador Bahah, his wife and staff from the Embassy of Yemen attended an International cultural event at Algonquin College on April 7, 2009 prepared by the college students and college educational board of directors. The event included exhibitions from India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, Yugoslavia, Yemen and other countries. Each country displayed beautiful ethnic items and samples of ethnic food for all to enjoy. The Yemeni exhibition, in particular, attracted many, with its unique exhibit of jewelry and clothing, in addition to Yemeni food delivered by the Embassy of Yemen.

During the festivities, a speaker from the college presented Ambassador Bahah and welcomed him to the college and thanked him for his support to the event. Ambassador Bahah then gave a welcoming speech and thanked the students and the members of the college board for this initiative and for the invitation and emphasized his continuous support and the support of the Embassy to all the students.

Ambassador Bahah and staff sat down to enjoy the festivities that commenced with a traditional song and dance by the Yemeni students wearing the traditional Yemeni national dress. The Yemeni students were then congratulated by the speaker and were presented with gifts from the College Board of Education. This was followed by a musical piece prepared by the Indian students, an Indonesian dance and ending with a Saudi Arabian song and dance.

The event was indeed a great success and ended with a standing ovation for all who helped in the preparations for the event.

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