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It is with great enthusiasm and resolve that I undertake my professional responsibilities as your Ambassador, but it is with profound personal determination and passion that I embrace the task of creating a strong sense of identity and cooperation within our Yemeni population here in Canada. A community is made up of more than a single narrative; it is a rich and complex compilation of the fascinating life stories of each member and tales of the remarkable journeys that brought them to their destinations. I know you all have your own unique chronicles of the conquests and challenges associated with living in this magnificent country, and I welcome the opportunity of meeting you and learning about your experiences and triumphs.

I look to the shining example of the Yemeni communities cultivated in South East Asia by those who left Hadramaut many generations ago. The descendants of these individuals have been successfully assimilated and collectively flourished within a totally different society, yet they still cherish a strong Arab identity and connection with each other.

It is my great ambition to make you feel connected to your roots in Yemen and your fellow community here, by making our Embassy and its services truly accessible and welcoming to all of you. While our mandate is to fulfill specific functions and distribute useful information, I know that we can accomplish more. I hope you will utilize us as a useful tool in the building of relationship, a window through which important news can be shared and talents showcased, a vehicle by which the bonds that unite us can be strengthened and above all, a trusted friend whose door will be readily open in order to listen and offer guidance to each one of you as you strive to achieve your ultimate goals.

community highlights

Ottawa, Canada (July 3rd, 2010)
Once again this year, Ottawa’s Yemeni Community hosted star athletes from Yemeni communities throughout North America, to participate in a rousing day of competition, known as the Queen of Sheba Soccer Tournament...
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Mohammed Baobaid has been selected among the 500 most Influential Muslim by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies centre
(January, 2010)
Mohammed Baobaid, PhD, earned his doctoral degree from the institute of Psychology at the University of Erlangen Nurnberg in Germany. He is the founder of the Muslim Family Safety Project that addresses Domestic Violence...
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There is no future for Yemen except united
(September, 2009)
After over 40 years of working experience in the medical, academic and management fields, Dr. Abdullah Abdulwali Nasher decided to retire and spend his time as a freelance consultant. Throughout his career, he has worked as a chief surgeon and director of several hospitals, minister of health and ambassador of Yemen to Canada...
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“There are many Muslim men and women who believe wrongly that Islam endorses men’s violence against women.”
Dr Mohammed Baobaid to the Yemen Times
A leading Yemeni academic, Dr Mohammed Baobaid was presented on 26 September with an Everyday Hero award by the Canadian Centre for Research and Education....
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The Yemeni Community End of High School, College, and University Guide
By: Maria AL-Masani
Many of us either have children who are about to finish high school or are in that position ourselves. What is next? Ottawa has the highest concentration of university degree holding Canadians per capita according....
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